Virtual Wombman (woman) Wellness Circle


Attune to the Power of Reproductive Wisdom

  • This is a virtual gathering and is for all female born women over the age of 17. A new circle forms on or around every First Quarter Moon and culminates on or around each New Moon. Whether you are of childbearing age or not. Whether you have had your uterus removed or not. This circle is not about childbirth or fertility…unless YOU need it to be.
  • For woman, we are born into humanity with a system that can be used as a blueprint or a compass to help us to navigate the terrain of life with greater ease and flow. The Female Reproductive System. When a woman heals herself, an entire universe heals. 
  • We are living in the most unpredictable times. Feeling pushed, pulled, and turned all around, sometimes we loose our footing and we long for opportunities to attend to our personal needs. Blessed be that we can have sacred community in the company of woman. 
  • We gather together each month just as we are. We recognize and value each perspective that is added to the circle for we over-stand the essential balance of harmony and tenderness. We allow space for silence when needed. 
  • Agbara is a dynamic space and each meeting has a tone all its own. We do the pre-work and show up for ourselves and the other women knowing that what we need will flow to us unencumbered. When women gather for the purpose of healing, the atmosphere becomes an energized creative force that can fuel each of us in the exact unique way that we need for healing. Every level of being becomes exposed to greater choices.

Facilitated by Loukeisa Denise, Herbalist, TMA shop owner, Sacred Woman, Fertility Specialist FSP, Birth Doula MSP.

Detailed instructions and login info provided at sign up

*TMA does not seek to disregard nor be insensitive to non female persons who identify as woman. The herbs and herbal preparations on this site are meant to support all people. Namste