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Triple Moon Alchemy Herb Shop and Wombman Wellness Oasis

We offer a variety of organic herbs and herbal preparations that support well-being for all.

Here at TMA online you can find herbal tea blends, herbal bathe teas, yoni steam herbs, herbal extracts and more. To make shopping at Triple Moon Alchemy even easier, sign up for one of our subscription boxes to ensure that you never run out of the herbal products you need to maintain your health and wellness flow.

If you were born with a female reproductive system and want to learn ways to work in concert with your body, be sure to sign up for the virtual wombman wellness circle, Agbara! We gather as a small group (5-8) providing a safe space to be student and teacher simultaneously as we delve into Divine Femininity via reproductive system education, and learn how we can work in tandem with our body systems to achieve alignment.

Facilitated by Loukeisa Denise, Herbalist, Triple Moon Alchemy shop owner, Sacred Woman, Fertility Specialist FSP, Birth Doula MSP.